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Whether you are established or new salon, finding new talent can feel overwhelming. You start by posting general inquiries for talent on your social media business page. It’s successfully shared by your loyal followers and friends, but do you really know the talent responding to your post? Take the guesswork out of the talent acquisition process. HairDojo can help guide

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My Journey Blog

I’m on stage at my kindergarten graduation. Each person walks to the microphone, receives their diploma and tells the audience what they wanted to be when they grew up. It’s my turn. I knew exactly what I wanted to say. “I want to be a… nurse”. What?! That’s not what I wanted to say! To this day, I regret saying

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Shadowing In a Salon

No one likes interviews. If you’re just finishing up your cosmetology program and you’re looking for your salon home, the interview process can be intimidating. You have questions: What do I look for in a salon? Will I like the stylists there? Will they like me? Will I fit in? Will I learn there? Will I be able to grow

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Deducting Continuing Education Classes for Hairstylists

Whether you have been in the hair industry for a decade or just graduating, continuing your education will be necessary for a successful career. Many stylists are not aware that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides hairstylists with the opportunity to reduce taxable income by allowing deductions for ordinary and necessary deductions. An ordinary expense is one that is common

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How Hairdressers Can Double Their Income in 6 months

Michael Levine explains how one young hairdresser built her business fast after graduating—and what you can learn from her to increase your own profits in six months.  I have 50 employees, and my business model is to not hire hairstylists with a clientele. We develop talent rather than recruit it. I see some succeed, some stagnate and a few achieve

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10 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Hairdresser

Dreaming of success? It’s not that far away after you read these 10 secrets (exposed!) to becoming a successful hairdresser! Establish only a few of these tips into your daily routine and you will be happier with your career in the long run. Here, Damien Carney, Joico International Artistic Director and multiple NAHA finalist, knows a thing or two about

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About Hair Dojo

HairDojo is a connection hub for the Hair Industry. Conceptualized by a hairstylist salon owner, its purpose is to connect students, apprentices, stylists and salons with each other and the distributors and manufacturers that provide the tools and education in the industry.

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