Job Candidate Agreement

This Agreement made between Hair Dojo, LLC (hereinafter “Hair Dojo”) and You (hereinafter “Candidate”).

WHEREAS, Hair Dojo  is engaged in the business of forwarding profiles/resumes to hair salons and concessionaires for possible employment; and

WHEREAS, the Candidate seeks his/her profile and/or resume to be submitted to hair salons and concessionaires for possible employment, under the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth:

1.Hair Dojo ( is not associated with any particular hair salon or recruiter. Being an independent consultant allows us to promote candidates objectively and equally to all employers and recruiters within the hair salon industry with the sole purpose of benefiting the job seekers’ best interest.

2. The Candidate agrees to Hair Dojo preparing her/his Resume/Personal Employment Profile, based on the online registration form and store it in the Hair Dojo’s database and the Candidate agrees his/her application and/or resume to be forwarded by and searched by an unlimited number of hair salons and concessionaires for possible employment.

3. Hair Dojo shall provide the following services:

a) storage and maintenance of the Candidate’ electronic career record in the Hair Dojos’s database.

b) forwarding Candidate’s documentation (registration data and/or resume) to hair salons and concessionaires for employment opportunities.

c) profiles can be updated at anytime

4. Any Fees paid to Hair Dojo by the Candidate shall be non-refundable.

5. Hair Dojo may change the fees at any time, in it’s sole discretion.

6. It is clear under the terms of this Agreement, that the Candidate enters into this Agreement individually and not as a member of any partnership, joint venture, corporation, or association, and that it is not the intention of the parties to create an employer-employee relationship between the parties herein; that Hair Dojo acts solely in a service capacity; and that registration and the payment of fees herein above set forth do not guarantee that the Candidate will, in fact, be offered a position.

7. By entering into this agreement, the Candidate hereby waives any and all claims which may arise against Hair Dojo for loss of life, personal injury, and/or loss of, or damage to any of the Candidates’s property in connection with any employment the Candidate secures as a result of his/ her registration and Hair Dojo’s service.

8. This Agreement may not be assigned by the Candidate.

9. In the event that any dispute arises between the parties concerning the terms of this Agreement, this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Delaware, United States.

10. In the event any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable or is in violation of Delware public laws or any statute, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

11. The Candidate agrees that the information contained in this Agreement and application is true, correct and complete to the best of his/her knowledge.

12. Hair Dojo shall not be held liable and responsible in case of loss of Candidate’s documentation (profile and/or resume) due to technical or any other reason.

13. By submitting the online application and profile to Hair Dojo, the Candidate states that he/she has understood and agreed to the terms and conditions stated above.

About Hair Dojo

HairDojo is a connection hub for the Hair Industry. Conceptualized by a hairstylist salon owner, its purpose is to connect students, apprentices, stylists and salons with each other and the distributors and manufacturers that provide the tools and education in the industry.

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