The TRU family of services has a dynamic mission, growing as our vision and offerings expand to serve an increasing number and type of customers on all sides of the professional beauty salon and spa industry. We provide you with the tools to stand out and succeed in a competitive market. TruBeauty Concepts is providing exceptional service in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and D.C areas.

Whether we are serving the wholesale beauty industry, educating the salon professional, or interior design for beauty and salon professionals, our team members all strive to be the most professional, courteous, helpful and creative. TruBeauty Concepts’ specific mission is to offer the most unique and highest quality brands to our customers, allowing the stylists and beauty professionals of the finest spas and salons to elevate their business and level of success.

Most importantly, our customers have inspired us to remain TRU in all our interactions with them – Trusted, Respected and Unique.


About Hair Dojo

HairDojo is a connection hub for the Hair Industry. Conceptualized by a hairstylist salon owner, its purpose is to connect students, apprentices, stylists and salons with each other and the distributors and manufacturers that provide the tools and education in the industry.

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